Once upon a time...

Our founders come from diverse backgrounds. Woody’s been a serial entrepreneur for over a decade, spending most of his career operating technology companies in major US markets. Brent has 20+ years of experience working with top digital agencies in the US. Chris built the largest insurance agency for recreational properties in the US with multiple rural offices.

When Woody moved Camp Native from Seattle to Spearfish, he recruited Brent from Miami as Director of Marketing and Chris as an Angel Investor. The mission: building technology companies in rural markets.

As companies in South Dakota became aware of Camp Native and the technical background of it’s founders, they began reaching out for support. In 2016 Rev7 was officially born. It’s now one of the fastest growing digital agencies in the nation.

The plain ol’ facts

Let’s get down to what really matters.


We’re from the big leagues

We moved from major markets like Minneapolis, Seattle, and Miami to rural South Dakota.


We bridge the tech gap

We recruited top talent from major markets to bridge the technology gap in rural markets.


We understand you

Yes, we’re a marketing agency. But we’ve run our own companies. We understand your perspective.


90% repeat business

We develop long-term partnerships with 90% of the business with which we engage. We deliver results.

How we do it

At Rev7 we are not typical marketers. We’re a full-service business consultancy partner that utilizes world-class tools and solutions to help businesses run more efficiently, drive sales, and consult on growth opportunities. We’re a performance oriented agency focused on the customer experience, and we ensure that client return on investment is always front and center. If you're stuck in status quo, we should talk.


Why we do it

After moving Camp Native to Spearfish, South Dakota in 2015, we began to realize how far behind most businesses were technologically in rural markets. Therefore, it has become a passion of ours to help rural and early stage companies grow in smaller markets. At Rev7, our main objective is to help people grow businesses in the places they want to live, while still having access to a global sales and marketing reach.


The lab. We keep it casual.

We’ve been known to play drinking games with our clients. Our philosophy? Hard work. Hard fun.

“Rev7 has changed the game for me, they helped us grow to 8 markets, put me in front of investors, recreated my fundraising deck, and overhauled the site user experience.”

David Moosman

Founder of tomarket.farm & former NFL player